Pass of Atonement WebThe Pass of Atonement is a section of the Blessed Roads carved through the mountainous nation of Dagor. It stretches east-west for three miles, shaving weeks from an otherwise circuitous route. All travelers who are able, are permitted access after paying a toll.

The Blessed Road

The Dagorans claim the road, along with the tunnel, were constructed by their deities, the Shining Ones. They were considered beyond the approach of mortals, as any who set foot upon them would suffer amnesia and retrace their steps for a day.

Then came the ashar. Followed by The War of the First Kings, and the First War of the Realms. Each introduced a new race not only immune to the negative effects, but enjoyed their benefits. They gained increased speed in travel, reduced fatigue, and can drink from the rejuvenation waters of the twin Fountains of Accord.

The Fountains of Accord

There are two fountains, one at either end of the Passage of Atonement. The waters pouring down from the graceful heights heal and revitalize anyone. The properties remain as long as the water does not cross the boundary of the Blessed Road. Each fountain can accommodate fifty people at once.

The fountains remain unsullied and clear. Any contaminants left in the waters dissolves or disappears.

The Dagorans claim the Shining Ones will return to the land, absolving them of their sins with the waters of the Fountains of Accord, and lifting the curse preventing them access to the Blessed Road. They claim any who drink of the waters accept an oath of servitude to the Shining Ones.

The Passage of Atonement

The Dagorans claim the Shining Ones will return through the passage and absolve the Dagorans of their inherited sin. Once purified, all Dagorans will march alongside their lords and cleanse the earth corruptions ailing it at the time.

Until then, its serves as a route for merchants and travelers, and a source of income. The Dagorans use Glyphs of Light to light the entire passage. Above, a parallel corridor runs the entire length so that Dagorans may stalk and capture any person who would think of ignoring the tolls, and other criminals.