Dagoran MaleThe Dagorans are ancient, like the mountain they claim as their home. They are a reclusive people, but permit visitors to their realm for short periods of time. Visitors to Dagor are often awed by the enormity and beauty of the carving efforts. All foreigners have spoken of their longing to return to the mountain nation, claiming a profound sense of tranquility and security.


At first glance, they appear savage, brutish. They share the same height range as humans but are broader of shoulder, chest and waist. Their skin varies in degrees of gray. Their hair can be black, (true) red, brown, silver, or white that grows flat and straight. Finally, they have large canine teeth.

Save for a small fraction, all Dagorans wear a stoag, a medallion bearing the glyph of tranquility. They wear this to balance an innate rage. Once in rage, a Dagoran will kill anything and everything until he is killed or succumbs to exhaustion. The few who do not wear the stoag are called the Tranquil since the rage is absent from them.

The Tranquil are often the leaders of the ragers, a specialized military force. Ragers are Dagorans who go into battle without their stoags. Their impact is immediate and devastating. A Tranquil must judge the tide of battle and bring the ragers back under the influence of the stoag before they kill each other or allies.


The Dagorans are a literate people. To an outsider, their language may appear simple, but is as dynamic as the common Ashar tongue. Merchants dealing with Dagor are required to learn the language to conduct trade. Anyone entering Dagor as guests are excused from the requirement. All Dagorans learn the Ashar tongue and will defer to it when outside of the country.


Due to the Rage, Dagorans are not permitted to leave their country unless they are Tranquil or of sufficient status. The restrictions appear harsh to the outside world, but the Dagorans insist it’s for the greater good of their neighbors. It is common for a Tranquil lead up to five warriors on a patrol in foreign lands to scout for any rogue Dagoran. Any found outside the country on their own are hunted down and put to death.


The Dagorans practice an art form known as Glyphcraft. It suffuses an item or living flesh with an enhancement determined by the glyph itself. There are two known types of glyphs: Warding and Infusion. Dagor allow a select number of glyph infused items for trade every year. With the limited supply, these items fetch extraordinary prices.

The Tranquil will wear suits of armor covered in glyphs. All accounts confirm a Tranquil in battle is an awesome thing to behold. They are tireless, exceedingly strong, quick, and regenerate any non-mortal injury.